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 This website is dedicated with love, honor and admiration to Tony Sciannella.


















The purpose of this site is to offer a different perspective on the sport of billiards, in an attempt to re-educate the world. Based on what I've learned from Tony I believe there are far too many myths about cue engineering and construction and about the physics of pool and how they relate to play. I believe there is a serious need to arm pool players and cue collectors with TRUE and ACCURATE information so that the masses might form enlightened opinions about our sport.


Tony's work is revolutionary and unique. His observations and discoveries over the course of 30 years are truly fresh and groundbreaking. I feel it would be a crime not to expose the world to the climate, culture, construction and creativity and of Black Boar Custom Cues and Tony's special sensitivities to cue engineering and pool physics.


Tony consistently maintains his dedication to artistry with the highest attention to engineering and detail. I am convinced that no other cue maker in the past, present, and possibly the future can rival the depth of comprehension of cue mechanics and how they relate to play and the precise artistic detail within the confines of function.


I want the world to see what I know...and that is that Black Boar Cues are truly exceptional. Anthony Sciannella, a stubbornly humble genius, isn't capable or comfortable touting his brilliance, but I believe that Black Boar Cues are absolutely some of the finest playing cues in the world and Tony's knowledge of the physics of pool is unprecedented.


I bought my first Black Boar from Tony in 2002. Through word of mouth I’d heard that Tony’s shop was worth seeing and his cues hit different than any other. On my first visit to the shop I was at once, overwhelmed and impressed by the operation. Tony’s shop was massive and elaborate compared to other cue makers I’d visited.

I was sold before I walked out the door. As a player, and cue buyer, above all, I was struck by Tony’s perception of a cue as an instrument vs. just a piece of wood. His passion was obvious by his exacting attention to even the minutest details coupled with meticulous procedure.

Before he finished my first cue I ordered a second, and it’s been that way ever since. In 18 years I have accumulated over 120 Black Boar Cues. My collection includes basic early models of Tony's works of engineering genius (No point or 4 point cues) as well as more exquisite and ornate later models (6 point or 8 point cues). My collection is entirely Black Boar Cues. My admiration for Tony’s work prohibits me for settling for anything but the best.

Some of my cues are featured in these pages. I am proud to share my collection and Black Boar with one and all. It is my hope that by sharing, the world recognizes Black Boar Cues as truly, the finest billiards cues in the world! 

Please navigate these pages and discover Black Boar for yourself.



Craig Smith 

From Craig


As a close personal friend of Tony's and owner of THE most extensive collection of Black Boar Cues (120+), Craig Smith felt a responsibility to expose, explore and document Tony's art, life and work. Since the early 2000's Carrie Ann, Black Boar Historian, has executed that vision on Craig's behalf. 


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