Black Boars are almost exclusively custom ordered.

There are very rarely cues in production that have not already been claimed.


That said, there is NO WAITLIST for a custom order. Tony is afraid to keep one for fear or dying before he can honor it (joking/not joking).


Cues go into production the day full payment received and can be turned around in 12-16 weeks depending on the intricacy of the design.

New Custom made Black Boars come in the following basic options:

Players' Cues: 


One of the latest developments at Black Boar is the Players' cue. Available in Exotic Mexican Cocobolo or African Blackwood. In addition to their simple elegance and full-figured woods, these cues exhibit truly exceptional playing characteristics. They include stainless steel joints, matching lizard wraps, the pronged buttcap, and two ferrule-less shafts. These shafts feature our new electronically engineered shaft taper, which really brings the cue to life. Please note: these cues despite being "Players'" are still pricey.

Basic 8-Point Cues:


These cues feature 8 deep-knifed hardwood points, classic silver work in the true Black Boar style, a variety of joints, exotic lizard wraps, and the pronged buttcap. They can be made with or without ferrule-less shafts, making them the perfect cue for players and collectors alike.

8-Point Cues with L-Channel Veneers:

These cues feature 4 deep-knifed hardwood points and Tony's special 4 deep-knifed L-Channel Veneers, a technique resurrected from a small amount of 6-point cues, 2020 upgraded and exquisitely juxtaposed. These cues come with a moderate amount of inlays, exotic wrap, pronged buttcap, and 2 high performance shafts, with or without ferrules. This is the cue to have in 2020. 

High-End Collectible Cues: 

Truly a rare work of art, these cues are the canvas upon which Tony has created his most intricate and inspired designs. They feature 8 deep-knifed hardwood points, white over stainless steel joints, exotic lizard wraps, two shafts (typically with ferrules), and the pronged buttcap. The unique artwork in these cues gives each one a personality of its own, and some of the most innovative works have appreciated as much as tenfold in value.

A note about 6-Point cues and 4-Point Cues:


Are available on the aftermarket only. They are no longer produced at the shop. If you are interested in an aftermarket cue you are welcome to inquire at blackboarcues@gmail.com, as we often hear or have just refinished or documented, but such cues are NOT directly for sale at Black Boar. 




















Black Boars are pricey. Out of respect for our clients, specifics are kept private. Black Boar clients come in a few varieties, the player looking for a forever cue, collectors and rafflers or dealers.


How to order

Tony likes to get to know a buyer, it's what he loves most about cue making. He likes to get a measure for you, your expectations and what makes you tick and then blow your socks off!

It's in a buyer's best interest to let him work his process. The most special cues come from his admiration and love for the client. 

Preliminary inquiries may be directed via email to blackboarcues@gmail.com


SERIOUS, payment ready, buyers are encouraged to call Tony directly at 301-277-3236.


When geographically appropriate a visit to the shop is highly recommended.


  General questions can be directed to blackboarcues@gmail.com

Tony can be reach directly at 301-277-3236

Please note- Tony is in his 70s, he does not communicate electronically.

All emails and other inbox inquiries are answered by others. 

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