Frequently Asked Questions?

How long is the wait?

There is no waitlist at Black Boar. Tony won’t keep one because he’s afraid he’ll die before honoring it (joking/not joking). Consequently cues go into production the day FULL payment is received. Most cues can be turned around in 8-10 weeks.


What is the process for ordering a cue?

Tony likes to know his clients. For Tony it’s all about who he is designing for so a phone call or visit to the shop is normally in order. Initial inquiries can be directed to or or via Private or direct message on Facebook or Instagram. Others are likely to answer you in those cases. Tony isn’t much into electronic communication, but he can be reached at 301-277-3236.


What’s it worth/price?

Black Boars are pricey and every cue is different. Out of respect for our client’s privacy we do not discuss those exact details.


Most cues are spoken for prior to posting. Message to the effect of {insert picture} How much for this one? Are tricky to answer because it is unlikely that specific cue is available. 


Black Boar is always willing to tell you the REPLACEABLE value of YOUR cue and/or tell you if an aftermarket cue you are considering is worth the offering price and/or authentic. Those inquiries can be sent via email or PM as we’ll need pictures to determine.


Refinish work?

For a limited time Tony is currently open for refinish work, but he may be picky about which projects he takes on. His allegiance will always be first to clients whom have bought their cues direct. As stated somewhere refinish work is more laborious than building new cues and not his favorite thing.


Shafts are available in spurts and the most select shaft wood is always reserved for new custom build cues first. All are built for a 5/16 x 14 pin, no exceptions. Again, first dibs will be for those who purchased their cues from Tony.


What makes Black Boar different?

Everything. From cue construction to physics to artistry to all the knowledge of Tony, if you’ve never been to the shop it’s impossible to grasp in all the ways Black Boars are different. Buying a custom Black Boar is a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE and Black Boar cues are unmatched in their engineering. Tony says himself, “Most people aren’t crazy enough to put this much work into a pool cue.” That said, Tony loves meeting new clients and the doors are always open.


How can I buy, sell, trade an aftermarket Black Boar?

Please join our group for this specific purpose.



I already own a Boar and would like updates on what’s going on in the shop and peaks at what Tony’s making.


Please join this group if you already own a Boar.




Requests for Letters of Authenticity


Requests can be directed to

They are $250 PayPal to the same address. I do the preliminary outline, Tony reviews it and adds things only he will know. When the final draft is ready he signs it and we stamp it with a custom BB embosser. It is kept flat and arrives in a black linen envelope.


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