His Passions

There is no denying that Tony is a man of many passions. He believes in having the best available in everything from cigars to coffee to motorcycles to machinery. 



An inspiration, discovering the many similarities between a violin and a cue, and the marriage between materials, sounds and feelings... 

  • ebony

  • ivory

  • fiddle back- maple

  • resonant pitch

  • nodal points

"It sent my head on fire with the possiblities." -Tony



The trouble is remembering where he put it down....



Tony's baby... A 56 BSA, the way Tony likes all of his honeys, slammed to the ground, raked, with an extended front end.



Tony's elixir for life.


After extensive BB research, the common thread in the best tasting vodkas is that those made in small batches seem to offer the best quality---i.e. value for your dollar. Of course, the finest vodkas come from Poland and Russia, but many good vodkas can also be found much closer. Among which are: Tito's handmade vodka from Texas, Pearl vodka from Canada and, believe it or not, Blue Hen vodka from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.



"I don't believe that anyone has ever been so blessed as to have as many great friends, and every new person that walks through the door is soon to become a new one." -Tony


Tony's long time friend Allen Hopkins with his Black Boar cue.


Allen and Jimmy Fusco were inadvertently instrumental in Tony's early discoveries about how different types of strokes relate to cue playability.


World's Finest Billiard Cues