In the beginning...

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In the eighties, before Tony ever built cues he owned and operated a billiards supply company. With many friends and colleagues in the pool world, Tony was becoming increasingly disturbed by the quality of the cues he had to offer his clients. In 1985 while hawking action at Jack and Jills in Glen Burnie, MD (famed for it's sleazy action and less than classy environment) epiphany struck like lightning. 

Tony was watching 'Patcheye' sitting quietly reading the newspaper. All around the room players were barking at Patcheye. "Come on, man get up and show us something." "What? Don't ya have any heart?" "I can't wait to play you - fish. Been waiting all night." After a while 'Patcheye' quietly stood from his spot, gathered his cue and made his way to the table. From his case he withdrew a solid black cue. His opponent racked the balls for one-pocket and the massacre began. From that point on Patcheye charged through opponent after opponent. Just like a boar, when left alone relatively harmless, but when approached really dangerous.

Tony's discouragement about the products he was offering coupled with the inspiration from Patcheye was the beginning of the brainchild that is now Black Boar. It was the very next morning Tony went out and ordered 100 T-shirts that said "Black Boar - The World's Finest Billiards Cues." His commitment on that day proved to be prophecy.


World's Finest Billiard Cues