About Lucky

Lucky holds one of the most prominent cue collections in the world, specializing in Szamboti's and Balabushka's. He is a huge Black Boar pool cue fan. In 2006 and 2007 Lucky bought Tony out completely. No one could buy a new Black Boar barring only Craig.


"Just do it," Lucky said, "I don't care how many cues you make, just do it." It was a ballistic era of creativity. Tony fell into a zone and cues took on a dimension of their own. Hidden faces are often found in the designs from that time.

Just prior, upon invitation, Tony spent 2 weeks with Lucky in Japan in November 2005. Tony found that the Japanese cue consumers have an unrivaled appreciation for cue makers, and an especially high appreciation for cue artistry.


Lucky, like Craig, learned to love Tony for his cues and his style. A picture of Tony just wouldn't seem right without one of his trademarks, a cigar, a chickenvodka, or his magnifying visor and in the calendar images Lucky made certain Tony was adorned!

On one of Lucky's visits to the states, in an attempt to make him laugh, Tony picked up a violin that was lying around the shop and performed his best rendition of the "The Turkey and the Straw." When Lucky returned to Japan he published the photo. The Japanese population immediately believed Tony to be a concert violinist. If only there was audio...they'd have known differently.


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