Regardie's Magazine 

This article was featured in the last issue of Regardie's Power Magazine ever published, in March/April of 2001.​


”To many in Washington, Regardie's name is synonymous with a time when the three A's -- Attorneys, Associations and Accountants -- ruled Washington's business elite in tandem with the real estate moguls molding K Street into a vast power corridor.” --- Washington Business Journal - September 3, 1999, by Thomas C. Hall and Matthew Swibel. It takes an interesting man to catch the attention of such a business minded publication. Tony’s passion shows through despite his obscurity and the lack of mainstream appeal of the cue making industry.


Thom Loverro called the shop one day and asked Tony if he could feature Tony and Black Boar Cues in an article. Tony told him no. The article is proof Thom didn't take no for answer. He pressed until Tony gave in. He and a photographer spent a few days in the shop. To this day Tony has no idea who put Thom on to him in the first place. The article was published and Thom was never heard from again. Tony says, ever modest, "It was surprise to me that anyone was that interested." 


Quoted in the text of this article are:

  • Dave Bollman, "He might be the best cuemaker in the world,"

  • Mahmood, "He makes the Stradivarius of pool cues. Nobody makes better cues,"

  • Allen Hopkins, "Tony is ahead of his time."


Following this article is one about M.E. Swing Company, Inc. Swings is famed for delivering Washington, D.C. fresh roasted coffee since 1916. Tony had long admired Swings for their dedication to the art of coffee. Swings was in some part responsible for Tony's explorations of coffee.


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