The Shop

Where the Magic Happens

The Black Boar shop is a museum you won't find in any guide. Full of trinkets, treasures and a manufacturer’s dream come true, housing a massive collection of computers, equipment, machinery and materials. While all of this is necessary to produce just 12 precious cues a year, the resources are broad enough to produce just about anything you can imagine. If it can be made it can probably be made at Black Boar Tony's shop.


Black Boar Industries is located in College Park, Maryland, adjacent to College Park Airport, bordering the University of Maryland. The College Park Airport is the oldest operating airport in the world and was once the training ground for the Wright brothers.


With collectibles ranging from one-of-a-kind machines to fine vodka and fine cigars to vintage Triumph motorcycles and single shot guns from the turn of the century - if men love it Tony probably has it! Tony renovates every so often, so it's always a new adventure and there is always a new side project to marvel at. 

After the sun goes down the mood of Black Boar changes. You never know who you'll find philosophizing with Tony.


World's Finest Billiard Cues