The Man Behind the Cue

Eccentricity is often synonymous with artistry. Unique, free spirited, and complex barely begin to describe Tony’s being. From his passion for knowledge, to his drive to make the world a more aesthetically pleasing place, to his uncompromising intolerance for mediocrity, Tony’s motivations range far and broad. Few people understand that the art of building Black Boar cues is a culmination of sensitivity and science.

Tony’s inquisitive, analytical mind has moved him to discover the intricacies of each individual component involved in the art of cue making. His passion for excellence has inspired the examination and use of only the finest materials, proving that the finer the ingredients the finer the product. While dedication to the finest quality materials and cutting edge technology are the backbone of Black Boar cues, Tony’s idiosyncratic nature is truly the most essential ingredient.

Tony's philosophy is to enjoy life to the fullest and to strive for perfection in everything that he does. He is constantly pushing the envelope in all of his hobbies. It could be billiards, cigars, vodka, cars, buggies, motorcycles, guns, coffee, fine food, exotic chickens, exercise, shoes, people, music...and the list goes on!

The very best way to get directly in touch with Tony is by phone. Call 301-277-3236

The shop is open to visitors, but given ongoing Covid precautions please call in advance your visit and where a mask while present.


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