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Wraps are pretty subjective. Whether Irish linen, leather, or an exotic selection, like lizard or snake, all wraps have a unique feel to each player. What is good for one is a disaster for another. Irish linen presents different attributes depending on how it is pressed. It can be pressed to a high gloss which forces the player to have a more firm grip, while a coarser press is more conducive to a player with a looser grip and wrist.


Therefore, a player with a slip stroke will typically enjoy a smoother wrap. Certain leather finishes have a sticky feel to a person who has sweaty hands. But, Tony says, “I enjoy pig skin for durability, lasting good looks, and a mild stickiness that encourages a somewhat looser grip.” High presentation wraps, like lizard or snake, are used for dramatic artistic impact but, not for long. Lizard wraps require higher maintenance; with use resealing the wrap will be necessary over time.


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